Optis S.A. was founded in 2005 in Athens, from a team of experienced executives of information technology. From the foundation, the company has been established as a reliable and specialised company of benefit of services and integrated solutions of information technology.
The success factors are:

  • Long term presence of the executives and the personnel in the I.T. area
  • Continuous Contact with leading technologies
  • Promotion of technological advanced products
  • High level of expertise, with specialised and constantly trained partners
  • Modern technical infrastructure, buildings installations, laboratories and stocking spaces
  • Organised Department of Customers Service for optimized communication and direct response

Mobilizing these capabilities from the first contact with the customer, Optis S.A. offers the qualitative service that characterizes the company and ensures the steadily ascendant course. In the company's course in the Greek market, Optis S.A. has been distinguished for:

  • The successful project completion in advanced technologically sectors
  • Partnerships with market leaders in many sections of I.T.
  • Certification on numerous technologies
  • The reliability of the partnerships, due to long term collaboration both with clients and suppliers


Optis S.A. supplies its customers with equipment and software products of the world's largest manufacturers, structured with modern technologies providing the corresponding services. Thus, it enables the immediate integration of products into their commercial or production processes, improving them, as well as their level of understanding with third parties. In the context of better customer service, Optis S.A. combines its integrated solutions with Consulting Services and Technical Support Services.

In order to offer its customers high quality services, Optis S.A. collaborates with leading IT companies, in their individual markets, and has special partnerships and certifications to meet the needs of specific customers and markets.


Optis S.A. promotes and supports Workgroup and Enterprise Computing products and solutions on the UNIX, Linux and Microsoft platforms.

The solutions proposed and implemented by Optis S.A. utilize the most advanced technology products and services, focusing on Storage Management, Backup, High Availability, Security, as well as on designing network solutions in local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), voice over Frame Relay (VoFR), and voice over IP (VoIP).

The company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified for all its activities as listed below in the corresponding certificate.

Within the framework of the Quality System and the broader quality policy, Optis S.A.:

  • Systematically studies technological developments on issues related to the needs of its customers
  • Chooses suppliers with internationally recognized product quality
  • Ensures the necessary human potential and the necessary logistics infrastructure
  • Systematically train its staff on matters of their competence and urges the establishment of "Spiritual Quality"
  • Designs, adopts and monitors the implementation of a system of indicators and targets for quality and performance with the ultimate goal of optimizing control and optimization of service processes
  • Monitors the correct implementation of Quality Management Procedures and Procedures