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The Automated Installation Software developed by Optis S.A. automates the configuration of each workstation in the installation of digital certificates and the necessary programs for digital signing.
This software performs the following on the end user's computer:

  • Installation of the digital certificates of ERMIS / APED
  • Installation of necessary drivers
  • Configuring Web Browser (Internet Explorer)

In more detail, at the start of the application, the following basic checks are performed:

  • Whether the user has administrator rights on the workstation
  • Version of the operating system
    • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
    • 32bit, 64bit
    • Home, Premium, Professional, Ultimate
    • Language
  • If it has the minimum Service Packs (SP) installed
  • If it has an updated antivirus

The above checks are performed in order to minimize the cases where the installation of the software can be adversely affected by the condition of the computer. After the computer is checked, the necessary certificates, the drivers of the SSCD USB Token, the CMS (Card Management System) software for the SSCD management are installed and the installation is completed with the Internet Explorer Web browser security configuration. The software informs the end user of each step taken, so that it has a complete picture of the tasks performed on the computer. Also, in the case where the end user needs to pause the installation proccess, the application informs of the remaining steps. Finally, the whole process of controlling and installing the software is kept in a log file. In case of a problem in the above procedure, the end user can send the log file, so that the problem can be solved in the easiest way. A link to download the software is provided to each end user. The software is periodically updated and the changes concern the latest digital certificates issued by ERMIS / APED.

The software is covered by one (1) year warranty.